Aaina: Inner Reflections

‘Aaina’ in Hindi means “mirror”. ‘Ayna’ in Arabic means “one with beautiful eyes”, or “one who sees beauty”, which is synonymous with the name ‘Sunena’. Thus, Sunena’s new solo kathak dance-theatre production is titled “Aaina: Inner Reflections”. The show presents her reflections on the different mirrors in our lives, starting from the first mirror that a child sees in their mother’s eyes, to the mirrors of nature and the metaphorical mirrors we encounter through our life experiences. She shares her reflections on beauty in these mirrors and how sometimes these mirrors might get blurred or shattered.

Sunena has donated the net proceeds from the five shows of ‘Aaina’ to ‘Call Home SG’ for migrant worker support in Singapore, and to the ‘Breathe Life into India’ campaign for oxygen concentrators in India.

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