Mental Wellness

The understanding of youth mental health issues has long been stigmatised, particularly in Asian communities. I am passionate about expanding the access to resources and vocabulary surrounding mental health recovery through my workshops, seminars, and panel discussions.

Click on the links for access to excerpts of some of my previous events.

“Sahara: From Deserted to Supported”, IIT Delhi Alumni Fest 2020

Art & The Unquiet Mind

Chennai International Centre, Chennai, India

How does one use art as a therapeutic measure, to mitigate social stigma, and as an instrument for maintaining a healthy mindset? An interactive panel discussion with Sunena Gupta, Dr E.S.K. and Dr Prabha Chandra (NIMHANS).

A Game of Taboo: “What will people say?”

Asia Pacific Islanders Issues Conference, Berkeley, CA, USA

Crippling Stigma surrounds the topic of mental illness, resulting in fear of seeking professional help, a lack of awareness, and representation barriers. The workshop creates a shared space to reflect on attendees’ individual and community experiences with self-care and stigma, while bringing awareness to the myths, barriers, and resources related to mental illness in API communities.

Heal with Nav: Journey of a Warrior

Virtual, Singapore

“Come join us on this journey where Ms.Sunena Gupta, renowned Kathak dancer and mental health advocate courageously shares her journey of trial to triumph to not only destigmatize therapy but also generating the hope that recovery is very much possible.”

Questioning Attitudes and Labels: Mental Health vs. Madness

St. Mira’s College, Pune, India

A seminar with college students on how mental illness is experienced, portrayed, and prevented with regards to academics settings, media outlets and personal relationships. How does this differ in professional and work environments and how can we prepare ourselves as the next generation of leaders to create more inclusive and self-help seeking environments?

Let’s Talk Mental Health – with Poppy Jaman OBE

Virtual, United Kingdom

“Poppy Jaman OBE is an internationally respected mental health advocate and social entrepreneur. She is the CEO and co-founder of Mental Health First Aid England, National Policy Advisor and CEO of City Mental Health Alliance, a coalition of City businesses working to increase understanding of Mental Health in the workplace. In 2018, Poppy was awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire) in recognition of her services.She has invited Sunena as a guest speaker for the 5 week mental wellness series that she is curating on Instagram live.”