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CNA 938National Radio Interview

“Her international dance-theatre production, Umeed (Urdu for ‘hope’), spread mental health awareness and raised about $50,000 for youth suicide prevention organizations. Kathak dancer Sunena Gupta shares her Singapore Story.

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‘Indian Beat’ National Television Feature

“Sunena Gupta, artiste and philanthropist, shares her thoughts on the debut day of Umeed: Colors of Hope, August 18 2018.”

Time of India Feature Article

“Despite the auditorium being filled by over 700 people, there was pin drop silence while Singapore-based Kathak dancer Sunena Gupta performed in the city recently. “

‘Connected to India’ Video Interview

“Connected to India speaks to 20-year-old Kathak dancer Sunena Gupta, about her journey against the odds and her first ever production ‘Umeed – Colors of Hope’.”

Connected to India’ Guest Author Post

“It all started with a small wish in my heart. One day when I was ready, I made up my mind to go forth with this wish and live with a simple and strict rule of taking out a minimum of 15 minutes every day to work towards my goal. “

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