SuRachna Dance Company

Beginner’s Kathak Classes for those wishing to explore Indian Classical dance, and seeking a strong foundational base.

Courses offered:

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Children’s Group Classes (Ages: 7+):

Learn kathak basics, with an emphasis on building clean and crisp technique, introductory compositions, spatial and body awareness, and developing discipline.

Ladies Group Classes

Pick up beginner’s kathak skills to improve posture, stamina, and grace, as well as learn stpes to semi-classical songs of your choice. This class will focus on kathak as a form of sustainable meditation, exercise, and stress relief.

Occasion & Performance based Classes

Customized semi-classical choreographies for tasteful occasion performances, such as weddings, sangeets, family functions, corporate events, or even if you just really want to learn a choreography to your favorite song.

These will be open to all levels and group sizes, on a request and occasion basis.

Advanced Repertoire

For dancers who have already completed their basic training and want to learn a specific piece from my traditional and technical performance repertoire, or my original choreography .

Options: Tumris, Taranas, Sufi, Vandanas, Bhajan

View more of Sunena’s portfolio and repertoire here.